Lead Time

This shows the average time it takes for a new request to be delivered. This is measured from the creation date to release date for each unit of work and includes Development Cycle Time.

What is the intended behavior?

Identify over utilized teams, backlogs that need more Product Owner attention, or in conjunction with velocity to help teams optimize their processes.

How to improve it

Relentlessly remove old items from the backlog. Improve team processes to reduce Development Cycle Time. Use Innersourcing to allow other teams to help when surges of work arrive. Re-assign, carefully, some components to another team to scale delivery.

How to game it

  • Requests can be tracked in spreadsheet or other locations and then added to the backlog just before development. This can be identified by decreased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce feature refining rigour.

Guardrail Metrics

Metrics to use in combination with this metric to prevent unintended consequences.

  • Quality is reduced if less time is spent refining and defining testable requirements.


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