Code Review

  • Small changes allow for faster code review and enhance the feedback loops.
  • Everyone on the team is capable of performing code review.
  • Code reviews are the second highest priority for a team behind blocked issues and ahead of WIP.


  • Automate coding standards instead of reviewing for them.
  • Focus the review on the tests and code readability. The tests should meet the acceptance criteria agreed upon by the team.
  • Keep pull requests small. Look into Work Decomposition for guidance.
  • Use synchronous code review to remove communication delays.
  • As the person being reviewed, remember the 10 Commandments of Code Review
    • Thou shalt not take it personally
    • Thou shalt not marry thy code
    • Thou shalt consider all feedback
    • Thou shalt articulate thy rationale
    • Thou shalt be willing to compromise
    • Thou shalt contribute to others’ code reviews
    • Thou shalt treat submitters how thou would like to be treated
    • Thou shalt not be intimidated by the number of comments
    • Thou shalt not repeat the same mistakes
    • Thou shalt embrace the nits


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