From Program to User Story

Aligning priorities across multi-team products can be challenging. However, the process used at the team level to decompose work functions just as well at the program level.

Program Roadmap

In order to have an effective work breakdown process, goals and priorities need to be established and understood.

Stakeholders and leadership teams must define the high-level initiatives, and their priorities, so that work may be dispersed among product teams.

Leadership teams can be made up of a core group of product owners.

Product Roadmap

The program roadmap should breakdown into the product roadmap, which includes the prioritized list of epics for each product.

The leadership team should define the product vision, roadmap, and dependencies for each product.

Team Backlog

The team backlog should be comprised of the prioritized epics from the product roadmap.

The core group needed to effectively break down high level requirements so that the team may decompose work includes product owners, tech leads, and project managers.

Product teams should use the processes effective for Work Decomposition, to breakdown epics into smaller epics, stories, and tasks.

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