Defining Product Goals

Product Goals

Product goals are a way to turn your vision for your product into easy to understand objectives that can be measured and achieved in a certain amount of time.

Increased transparency into product metrics

Measurable Outcome: Increased traffic to product page

When generating product goals, you need to understand what problem you are solving, who you are solving it for, and how you measure that you achieved the goals.


Product goals can be broken down into initiatives, that when accomplished, deliver against the product strategy.

Provide one view for all product KPIs.
Ensure products have appropriate metrics associated with them.

Initiatives can then be broken down into epics, stories, tasks, etc. among product teams, with high-level requirements associated.


An epic is a complete business feature with outcomes defined before stories are written. Epics should never be open ended buckets of work.

I want to be able to review the CI metrics trends of teams who have completed a
DevOps Dojo engagement.


  • Product goals need a description and key results needed to achieve them.
  • Initiatives need enough information to help the team understand the expected value, the requirements, measure of success, and the time frame associated to completion.

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