Metrics Cheat Sheet

Organizational Metrics

These metrics are important for teams and management to track the health of the delivery system

Metric Meaning Goal of Measuring Guardrail Metrics
Integration/Merge Frequency How frequently code changes are integrated to the trunk for testing Reduce the size of change to improve quality and reduce risk Defect Rates should not increase
Build Cycle Time Total duration from commit to production delivery Improve the ability to deliver changes to improve feedback and reduce MTTR Defect Rates should not increase
Change Fail % The % of production deploys that are reverted Improve the upstream quality processes Development Cycle Time should not increase
Code Inventory Lines of code added or removed that have not been delivered to production Reduce the amount of code inventory and move closer to Just In Time delivery. Change Fail % & Defect Rate should not increase
Defect Rate Number of defects created during a set interval Improve the quality processes in the delivery flow Delivery Frequency should not reduce
Development Cycle Time Time from when a story is started until marked “done” Reduce the size of work to improve the feedback from the end user on the value of the work and to improve the quality of the acceptance criteria and testing Defect Rate should not increase
MTTR The time from when customer impact begins until it is resolved Improve the stability and resilience of both the application and the system of delivery Quality should not decrease
Delivery Frequency The frequency that changes are delivered to production Reduce the size of delivered change, improve the feedback loop on quality and increase the speed of value delivery. Defect Rates should not degrade
Work in Progress The number of items in progress on the team relative to the size of the team Reduce the number of items in progress so that the team can focus on completing work vs/ being busy. Delivery frequency should not degrade

Team Metrics

These metrics should only be used by teams to inform decision making. They are ineffective for measuring quality, productivity, or delivery system health.

Metric Meaning Goal of Measuring Issues with Metric
Code Coverage The % of code that us executed by test code Prevent unexpected reduction of code coverage. Find code that should be better tested When coverage goals are set, can generate tests that meet the goals but are ineffective as tests.
Velocity/Throughput The average amount of the backlog delivered during a sprint by the team. Used by the product team for planning. There is no such thing as good or bad velocity.
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