We are representatives from enterprise dojos who are collaborating to improve both the outcomes of our companies and the quality of life for product teams using immersive learning techniques.

Each of the dojos operate in their particular contexts with individualized implementation, but the overall goal is to act as agents of change to help teams improve the continuous flow of value to the end user.

DevOps is often used to mean different things and people new to DevOps often focus on tooling. You cannot buy DevOps and tools represent a small portion of the solution. In our context, this is the guiding principle for “DevOps”:

DevOps should be defined by the outcomes. It is those sets of cultural norms and technology practices that enable the fast flow of planned work from, among other things, development through tests into operations, while preserving world class reliability, operation, and security. DevOps is not about what you do, but what your outcomes are. So many things that we associate with DevOps, such as communication and culture, fit underneath this very broad umbrella of beliefs and practices.

-- Gene Kim, 2014

We are working to publish our experiences and methods here to give back to the community.

For more on starting a Dojo and the difference between training and immersive learning, see IT Revolution’s “Getting Started with Dojos” by: