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Alexis Dixon , Bryan Finster , Nathan Nicholson , Preston Gibbs


Throughput per week. This is measured by how many items were finished as a trend over time. This includes all items, defects and story work.

What is the intended behavior?

Help teams find what level of throughput per week is consistently achievable and find ways to increase this over time by reducing waste, reducing toil, improving planning, and focusing on teamwork.

How is it improved?

  • Smaller stories are easier to understand and deliver.
  • Minimize hard dependencies. Each hard dependency reduces the odds of on-time delivery by 50%.
  • Swarm stories so that the team is working as a unit to deliver faster.

How is it gamed?

  • More, smaller tasks.
  • Cherry pick easy, low priority items.
  • Skip quality steps.
  • Prematurely sign-off work only to have defects reported later.

Guardrail Metrics

The following metrics could degrade if not tracked with this metric

  • Quality defect ratio goes up as more defects are reported.
  • WIP increases as teams start more work to look more busy.


Harvard Business Review: Six Myths of Product Development