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Alexis Dixon , Bryan Finster , Nathan Nicholson , Preston Gibbs

Development Cycle Time

The average time from starting work until released to production.

What is the intended behavior?

Reduce the time it takes to deliver refined work to production to mitigate the effects of priorities changing and to improve value delivery.

How is it improved?

  • Decompose work so it can be delivered in smaller increments and by more team members.
  • Identify and remove process waste, handoffs, and delays in the construction process.
  • Improve testing efficiency for more rapid feedback loops.
  • Automate and standardize the build and deploy pipeline.

How is it gamed?

  • Move things to “Done” status that are not in production.
  • Move items directly from “Backlog” to “Done” after deploying to production.
  • Split work into functional tasks that should be considered part of development (development task, testing task, etc.).

Guardrail Metrics

The following metrics could degrade if not tracked with this metric