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Alexis Dixon , Bryan Finster , Nathan Nicholson , Preston Gibbs

Commit Frequency

The average number of times each developer on a team integrates tested, non-breaking code to trunk / master. Healthy CI practice is at least once per day per developer.

What is the intended behavior?

  • Increase the frequency of code integration.
  • Reduce the size of each change.
  • Improve code review processes.

How is it improved?

  • Break down code changes into smaller units to incrementally deliver features.
  • Use BDD to aid functional breakdown.
  • Use TDD to design more modular code that can be integrated more frequently.
  • Make new code reachable only by the tests or flagged off for other environments with feature flags.

How is it gamed?

  • Meaningless changes integrated to trunk.

Guardrail Metrics

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