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Alexis Dixon , Bryan Finster , Nathan Nicholson , Preston Gibbs

Build Cycle Time

The time from code commit to production deploy. This is the minimum time changes can be applied to production.

What is the intended behavior?

Reduce pipeline duration to improve MTTR and improve test efficiency to give the team more rapid feedback to any issues.

How is it improved?

  • Identify areas of the build that can run concurrently.
  • Replace end to end tests in the pipeline with virtual services and move end to end testing to an asynchronous process.
  • Break down large services into smaller sub-domains that are easier and faster to test.

How is it gamed?

  • Reduce the number of tests running or test types executed.

Guardrail Metrics

The following metrics could degrade if not tracked with this metric

  • Quality decreases if testing steps are skipped.